SBI server outage leads to widespread complaints of UPI and net banking failure by customers

SBI server outage leads to widespread complaints of UPI and net banking failure by customers

State Bank of India (SBI), the largest public sector bank in the country, is facing a major outrage from its customers due to its server being down. Customers are complaining about net banking, UPI payments, and the official SBI app (YONO) not working. SBI has been receiving multiple complaints from customers, and many have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns.

Down Detector India, an outrage tracking website, also mentioned the outrage on its official Twitter page. According to the website, “User reports indicate State Bank of India (SBI) is having problems since…”. SBI had rolled out a circular on April 1 to inform customers that the service of the platform will be down due to annual closing activity. However, the bank stated that the service will only be off from 13:30 hrs to 16:45 hrs on a specific day. The outrage took place on April 3 in the morning when users started facing trouble while logging in to their accounts, including net banking, UPI payment, and the SBI website.

Many customers were unable to pay anyone through various modes, and the news soon spread on social media. Despite the outrage, SBI tweeted a video about safety tips and did not respond to angry customers’ queries about the reason behind the outrage. One user wrote on SBI’s Twitter post, “No official statement from SBI on outage….when are services expected to be up and running? Or is SBI not bothered about it? First working day of FY and users are not able to login for 3 hours now…. whatever maintenance was done yesterday seems to have screwed up things.”

There has been no official statement from SBI regarding the outrage, leaving customers frustrated and angry. It is not clear when SBI’s services will be up and running again, and this lack of clarity is causing a lot of inconvenience to customers. With SBI being the largest public sector bank in India, any server outage can have a significant impact on millions of customers who rely on its services.

SBI is known for its innovative digital banking solutions and was one of the first banks to introduce UPI payments in India. However, this outage has highlighted the need for banks to have robust backup plans in place to ensure that customers can access their accounts without any disruption. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to rely more on digital banking solutions, it is crucial that banks like SBI ensure the reliability and stability of their services. SBI must issue an official statement regarding the outrage and take swift action to resolve the issue to avoid further inconvenience to its customers.

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